Our Capabilities


Our machinery floor houses vertical machining centers that are capable of machining parts up to 84" long, 34" deep, and 26" tall, as well as vertical machining centers with 4-axis capabilities and 5-axis capabilities.


Our CNC turning centers offer 4-axis, radial & axial live tooling, sub spindle, and bar feed capabilities.

Quality Control

Our quality control uses state-of-the-art measuring equipment and instruments that will allow us to ensure a quality product. This equipment is also used for the reverse engineering process. Our equipment list includes: zCat CMM, digital optical comparator, Mitutoyo digital height stand, etc.

CNC Mills Spindle Speed Travel

Sharp 8,000 RPM X 43" Y 23" Z 20"

HAAS VF2SS 12,000 RPM X 30" Y 16" Z 26"

3 Axis Vertical Milling

HAAS VF2SS 12,000 RPM X 30" Y 16" Z26"

5 Axis Vertical Milling

HAAS VF4SS 15,000 RPM X 50" Y 20" Z 25"

TRT-160, 3 Axis Vertical Milling

HAAS VF5SS 15,000 RPM X 50" Y 20" Z 25"

4 Axis Vertical Milling

HAAS UMC500 12,000 RPM X 24" Y 16" Z 16"

5 Axis Vertical Milling

HAAS UMC1000 12,000 RPM X 40" Y 25" Z 25"

5 Axis Vertical Milling w/Pallet Changer

HAAS VF9 12,000 RPM X 84" Y 40" Z 30"

3 Axis Vertical Milling

CNC Lathe Spindle Speed

Doosan Turning Center 5,000 RPM

Puma 240 w/Live Tooling

Hwacheon Hi-Tech 350B

Turning Center w/Sub Spindle

Hwacheon Cutex 180BL YSMC

Turning Center w/Sub Spindle

Haas ST-30Y

w/Live Tooling 4,000 RPM

CNC Wire Travel

Robocut C400iB X 400MM Y 300MM Z 255MM

Charmillies HD-20 EDM Drill

Manual Equipment Travel

Sharp 1660LU Lathe 15" x 10"

Sharp Milling Machine X 32" Y 16" Z 6"

w/Digital Readout

Surface Grinder No. 1-12

Charmilles Sinker EDM






Additional Equipment

Tool Grinder

Hydraulic Press

Band Saw

Parts Tumbler

Indicator Height Stand